The Final Straw

I’m sure most of us have seen the video floating around Facebook of the collapsing metal straw that folds into a key chain. After seeing that video, I was hooked. I wanted one. It seemed so easy; you carry it around on your keys, something you presumably have with you whenever you leave the house, and use it when you need a straw instead of using a plastic one. It’s a genius idea. It’s an easy way to help the environment, without having to completely change your entire life.

The only problem is; it’s not made yet. It’s still on KickStarter, but with over $1 million backing it, I’m not the only person who wants one.

I knew it was now or never for this straw. If I didn’t take the plunge and buy it now, I’d forget about it and keep using hundreds of plastic straws a year. So I bought one. Well rather, I contributed money to the KickStarter fundraiser which reserved me a straw once they start making them… in November… meaning I won’t get the straw until November. Granted, this is better than going my entire life without one, but I’m not one for patience and I want to play with it!

It’s so simple, and it’s an easy way for everyone to reduce their plastic usage without having to put in really any effort. The straws tucks away to be carried on your keys, comes with a carrying case, and comes with a squeegee for cleaning. I’ve heard talks of people being concerned with the cleanliness of the product, but it can easily be washed in a sink with the squeegee after a use. And if you’re just drinking water, then just making sure it’s dry before putting it away would be your only concern.

The price of these straws leaves a lot to be desired. Since I bought it off of KickStarter, I got a discount and paid only $20 for mine, but once they’re released to public, they will be $30. But for me, it’s worth it knowing that I’ll be doing the right thing and helping the ocean. I’m someone who has to have a straw because I have sensitive teeth, and I am not a fan of drinking out of glasses in restaurants, so this is the best option for me. $20 is a fair trade to know that I’m taking hundreds of straws out of the ecosystem.

I can’t wait to see what else this company comes up with and I can’t wait to document my adventures and give a more in depth review once I receive my straw.

If you would like to learn more about the final straw, visit their website here.


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