How much plastic do you use?

I didn’t really think I used that much plastic… until I started looking at everything I used daily. My shampoo and conditioner is housed in a plastic bottle. My toothbrush is plastic. My disposable razor is made from plastic. The individual cup of oatmeal that I eat every morning has a plastic lid, and a plastic bowl. The gum package I bought at the gas station is covered in plastic wrap. The bag I used to bring my carry out back to my office was plastic.

For me, I didn’t realize just how much plastic is in our lives until I really stopped and thought about it. My entire existence is governed by plastic. How do I even survive with out it? But I’m going to have to. Every piece of plastic ever made on this Earth STILL EXISTS! That’s right.

Let’s say I use about 1 bottle of shampoo every three months, for my entire life. That’s 4 bottles a year (which I’m pretty sure is wrong, but let’s roll with it). I’m 23 years old. That’s 92 empty plastic bottles. And most of those bottles have ended up in the most important ecosystem on the planet. And that’s just shampoo! Think about all the other plastic things you use in a day.

I’m not asking you to give up all plastic. That’s implausible. I am asking that when you can, cut down on your consumption of it. Don’t ask for a straw with your drink. Use reusable bags for your grocery shopping, or use reusable food storage instead of plastic bags.

I’ll be chronicaling my decline in plastic usage. Join me as I try to be as plastic free as possible.


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